Wednesday, December 3, 2008


BY Jonafie Berdin

PEHS joins the Student Technologists & Entrepreneurs of the Philippines (STEP) Regional Competition in Dumaguete City on November 5-7, 2008.

Stephen Clint Cañamo, a junior student & Rhoda Daño, coach represented the Lapu-lapu City Division in the Bookkeeping Using MS Excel contest. Fifteen divisions in Region VII competed in the different events.

“It is very difficult, most of the students who joined the contest are already studying bookkeeping in their TLE subject,” Canamo said.

Cañamo won the STEP Division level contest, Bookkeeping Using MS-EXCEL on Oct. 25, 2008 at the Marigondon National High School. Cañamo landed 12th in the regional bookkeeping contest.

STEP aims to secure a hopeful and significant place in the world for pupils and students by enhancing technical and entrepreneurial skills while developing leadership potentials and building desirable work values and character.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


by Stephen Canamo

Stephen Clint Cañamo, a junior student of Punta Engaño High School (PEHS) won the Student Technologists & Entrepreneurs of the Philippines (STEP) Division level contest, Bookkeeping Using MS-EXCEL, on Oct. 25, 2008 at the Marigondon National High School.

“I was shocked when one of the judges said congrats. I could not believe it because my work is not so sophisticated compared with the other contestants’’, Cañamo said.

During the said event, the following students have also excelled in their respective fields: Marlou Mahusay, a second year student showed his talent in Hair Trimming and Day Make-up & ended up second among the ten contestants from the different school.

Jeffrey Dihayco, a fourth year student also landed in the second place in the Net weaving contest.

Warren Undalok took the second place in the Fertilizer Computation.

Antonio Talingting also made a Little Eden in the Dish Gardening contest. The judges awarded his “Dragon’s Lair” the third place.

“I am using borrowed materials & my plants comes from my own garden”, Talingting said.

Alemar Tomarong, a third year student who competed in the Computer Assembly and Configuration landed on the fourth place.

Stephen Clint Cañamo and his coach, Rhoda Daño, will compete in the STEP Regional Level under the banner of the Lapu-Lapu City Division on Nov. 5 - 8, 2008.

Brandon Aniban, Kimberly Cañete, Roxitte Latonio and Jonafie Sumalpong also joined the Techno Quiz contest.

STEP aims to secure a hopeful and significant place in the world for pupils and students by enhancing technical and entrepreneurial skills while developing leadership potentials and building desirable work values and character.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Christy Sygaco's Valedictory Address

To our Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Carmelita Tumulak Dulangon.

Our North District Supervisor, Mrs. Jocelyn R. Manching.

Mrs. Erotida P. Jumao-as: the most genial figure in the Division of Lapu-Lapu City, our mommy in Social Studies and the Supreme Student Gov’t.

“Hon. Lourdes Ibag,” the leader, who has a huge and golden heart for education,

“Sir Jun Pelaez” the kindhearted President of Coralpoint Educational Foundation, Inc., whom awardees like me always eager to meet in person,

Mrs. Angelita D. Pagobo , our ever youthful disciplinarian and School Head,

Her equally youthful and good-looking counterpart of the elementary department, Mr. Jojo Rosales,

School administrators,
My 9 reliable and cheerful high school teachers,
Beloved parents,
Fellow graduates
Ladies and gentlemen
A fabulous Morning!!!!

Few years ago, I was among the audience who stood at the back and listened eagerly to this part of the ceremony. I always tell myself to make the best and be the best so that today, I will experience speaking here in front of you. Here I am and it feels really overwhelming. Everyone who knew me also knows how I have burnt my midnight candle and how I have worked my way to the top. High school is never a piece of cake.

A lot of people would say that high school life is the best period to experience in anyone’s educational journey. True or not? One should remember that in our individual stopover in life, we should inculcate a sense of purpose and determination in ourselves to become the best that we can, especially in our studies.

Our achievement today is a shared vision not only by our parents who patiently guided us all these years, by our teachers who earnestly foster our childhood dreams, but much by our country which highly look forward to what we can do in service to the nation.

High School graduation would literally mean the end of our 4 years mission but if we look closely, it is not the last part but only the beginning of a more challenging expedition in achieving our ambitions and ultimate dreams. College is opening doors with a welcome sign.

Well, let me share to you my Philosophy in life. The famous Chinese saying states that “if you give your children fish, they’ll eat only for a day, but if you teach them how to fish, they will eat for a lifetime.” In our vernacular it says “ kung ang imong mga anak pagahatagan nimo og isda sila makakaon sulod lang sa usa ka adlaw, apan kung sila imong tudluan pagpangisda, sila makakaon sa tibuok nilang kinabuhi.”

Our teachers say over and over that we must take our lessons seriously because later we will have to put these pieces of knowledge into real use. We must become skilled enough for personal survival. For this, I wanna give back the credits to my noble mentors: mam Luzon, our class adviser who loves us like we are her own children, sir Nunez, who made us appreciate classical arts, mam augusto, who exposed us to social environment, mam do-oma, who arranged our recollection upon which we become more spiritually awake, mam arevalo and mam patalingjug who taught us the skills in livelihood, mam daño who helped us to be digitally literate, mam villegas who never lets us get away with mathematics, mam dich whom we are always conscious with our English grammar and pronunciations, and mam pagobo, who is always on the look-out with our behavior and actions. My teachers allowed me to undergo indisputable struggles and complicated tests upon which I completely developed my intellect. Though the road to success is rough I guess I’ve proven one thing--- that it’s worth the ride and it’s really worth studying here at Punta Engaño High school. I am proudly ka-PEHS and I’ll always come home here. I wish that soon, it will be identified as Punta Engaño National High School.

To Mr. Efrain T. Pelaez Jr. whom my Alma Mater is very grateful for having chosen as beneficiary of your educational foundation. It means a lot for the parents of students who seriously hope to pursue college and aim to get a better job someday. I would like to express a heartfelt gratitude for your full support in our school. Thank you so much, sir.

To Mrs. Lourdes Ibag our newly elected barangay captain, Madame it is with great pleasure and honor to have you as our barangay captain because at last for how many years education is now a main concern in your council.

Ladies and gentlemen this neckline doesn’t ought to have these medals, this hand doesn’t earn any certificate because these medals and certificates truly belong to my beloved parents, Mr.and Mrs. R….Sygaco, PA, MA, “ nagkugi ko sa akong pag-eskwela dili tungod kay gusto kong daygon ko apan tungod kay gusto kong ma-proud mo kanako. Nahiaguman na nato ang nagkalain-laing mga pagtamay, aduna pa’y nagduda sa tinuoray nakong kapabilidad apan katong mga pagtamay dili hustong paagi para ako mawagtangag paglaom hinuon maoy akong nahimong hagit para pamatud-an sa tanan kung unsa ang akong kaya ug unsa ang akong pagkatawo. I would like to take this chance to say THANK YOU to my parents FOR EVERYTHING. I LOVE YOU!

To my friends: the bond of our friendship is now as strong as it should be. Sweet memories and occasional problems are our solid foundations. We may part ways, some of us will pursue college, some will find jobs and hopefully no one will be jobless in the years ahead. Wherever life leads us, may we cherish one another.

To my classmates, congratulations!!!Well, a new world of opportunities is awaiting us. Let’s make ourselves, our families and Lapu-Lapu proud by doing the right things and by working our way for better citizenship.

Finally we must honor our almighty Father in heaven. He is the best teacher, the best parent, and the best friend we all could ever have. The fulfillment of our individual ambitions always depends on the design of His divine plan for you and me.

Let FAITH in God, HOPE for the best and LOVE to one another carry us to our destiny.

Thank you so much!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007 City Palaro

Canamo Rules 100 Meter Ran
With reports from Antonio Talingting

Argie Canamo, a freshman at the Punta Engano High School (PEHS), stage the biggest upset when he won the 100 meter dash during the 2007 City Palaro on Dec. 20-22, 2007 at the Mactan Air Base Elementary School.

Canamo clocked 13.05 seconds & beat CVRAA veterans from others schools.

“My shoes got busted during the trials, so I decided to run on barefoot during the finals”, Canamo said.

Canamo also bagged the Bronze Medal in the 200 meter dash.

PEHS athletes also managed to capture a Gold Medal in the Anyo & Silver Medals in the Arnis event. Lunch Michael Sagang, a junior student, won the Anyo event & managed to get the silver medal in the Arnis competition. His partner, Charlie Amado, a 2nd year high school student, also captured two Silver medals in the Arnis & Anyo contest.

Amado said, “Even though my opponent is bigger, but I had given him a hard time.”

The following students also excelled in their respective fields: Regina Taneo, Bronze Medal (Shot Put), Mario Lumague, Bronze Medal (Triple Long Jump), Clyde Saludaga, Bronze Medal (Unit 3 Basketball Team), Webster Villaver & Warren Undalok, Gold Medal (Unit 3 Sepak Takraw Team), Quester Limoran, 4th (200 meter dash) and Ralph Recto Pagobo, 4th (Shot Put).

Three PEHS athletes will join the Lapu-lapu City Division in the Central Visayas Athletic Association (CVRAA) competitions in Tagbilaran City on February 2008.